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European AIFM Hosting - ManCo Platform

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European AIFMD Fund Hosting - ManCo Platform Services for European, US and Non-EEA Fund Managers 

As a bespoke service provider of AIFM hosting services for EU and non-EU fund managers, we are able to offer a holistic and integrated service to fund managers as their European AIFM, under MiFID II - such as;  

  • Marketing & Promotion:  Assisting you in marketing your investment fund to institutional and professional investors throughout Europe under our AIFM platform;
  • Corporate Finance Advisory:  Through our specialist network and deep industry knowledge, we can offer advice and assistance on capital raising, financial structuring and financial transactions/reporting;
  • Advising & Arranging: Providing investment management advice to other investment firms or directly to funds, including self-managed funds

As a bespoke AIFM - ManCo Hosting Platform, we actively work with;

  • European and UK regulated firms who provide investment management services, but who do not wish to become AIFMs.  This includes private equity/venture capital fund, real estate firms and hedge funds.
  • Start up and established firms not yet authorised who wish to manage an alternative investment fund (AIF)
  • Non-EU firms currently managing assets who do not wish to become AIFMs, or who wish to manage EU funds to take advantage of the AIFMD marketing passport

Turnkey Fund Hosting

XCAP turnkey fund hosting - ManCo service allows you to focus on your core business, whilst allowing XCAP to look after all other regulatory and compliance matters with our professional partners.    

Our partnerships with professional service providers allows us to assist you in launching your own investment funds that are fully compliant with FCA and EU-wide regulators by either establishing a UK based entity as an Appointed Representative, or as Portfolio Manager(s) seconded into the AIFM provider.

We specialise in;

  • Long/Short Funds
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Funds
  • Special Situation Funds / Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)
  • Hedge Funds
  • Real Estate Funds
  • Impact Investment Funds
  • Listed Funds

We’re Here to Help if you…

  • Are seeking a specialist AIFM - ManCo platform to tap into European capital, backed by professional advisers and integrated infrastructure;
  • Want to partner with a fund platform that will offer a scalable hosting solution in line with your AUM, supporting start-up and emerging managers;
  • Need a turnkey solution to access the European market for your fund activities;
  • Are looking to establish cost effective Master Feeder Funds;
  • Want to focus on the growth of your business, whilst we look after the fund AIFM - ManCo administration and regulatory aspects;

Our Objectives in Helping You…

  • Deliver a turnkey AIFM - ManCo platform, fully compliant with European regulations;
  • Give you peace of mind around compliance, software, fund administration and ongoing regulatory requirements;
  • Offer you a scalable fee structure in line with your AUM, reducing your overall Total Expense Ratio;
  • Provide solutions to any challenges you have as a fund manager;
  • Enable you to work with your new and existing clients and partners with assurance and confidence;
  • Help you develop your fund into a professional institutional product, attracting a stable investor base.

What We Will Do for You…

  • Support the strategic direction of your fund, ranging from regulatory guidance to operational/platform support;
  • Provide a fund hosting - ManCo platform that is cost competitive in line with your AUM;
  • Ensure you are compliant at all times with the relevant regulations and apply industry best practice;
  • Help you develop a strong investor base to grow your fund;
  • Assist you in your marketing efforts to grow your fund and brand throughout Europe;
  • Implement best practice in risk management and compliance.

As a global consulting firm, we work with our partners and professional advisors to deliver a solution around your specific requirements.