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FCA Appointed Representatives

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FCA Appointed Representative hosting, or FCA Regulatory Hosting services allows companies and individuals to conduct regulated activities, by working under the platform of a FCA principle firm.   

XCAP Global work with Vantage Point Capital in hosting Appointed Representatives (ARs), allowing ARs to utilise the infrastructure and industry contacts of a directly approved FCA firm.  

Becoming an appointed representative (AR) is a highly efficient and cost-effective solution if you are looking to get your venture up and running quickly and with minimal cost, allowing you to focus on deal origination, execution and value creation for your venture.  Most FCA Appointed Representative application take approximately 4 weeks for your company to appear on the FCA register as an AR.  

Being an AR allows you to conduct certain regulated activities, within a matter of weeks with minimal cost, without needing to go through the resource intensive and costly FCA application process, hire compliance personnel and tie up capital for regulatory purposes.

An Appointed Representative is a person or firm who conducts certain regulated activities through a firm that is directly authorised with the FCA. This firm is known as the AR's ‘principal’ - such as Vantage Point Capital, who's regulatory cover and FCA permissions can be found by clicking here on the FCA register.

The main advantages of this route are that it is quicker than a direct authorisation (taking only a few weeks), you will have independent oversight of your activities via the Principal firm and you are not subject to a fixed capital requirement.  

Unlike other FCA regulatory hosting providers, we work with organisations where we can add genuine value in sectors that we specialise in.  As such, we actively work with Appointed Representatives are focused on;

  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Funds
  • Hedge Funds (Long/Short strategies)
  • Real Estate Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Corporate Finance Advisory
  • Fund Distributors & Marketers
  • FinTech
  • Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) platforms
  • Research & Analysts


We’re Here to Help if you…

  • Want to get to market in as little as 4 weeks, as a regulated financial services firm.
  • Want to focus on deal origination, execution and value creation, whilst we look after the non-core activities.
  • You want to work with an FCA Principle more supportive towards your strategic direction.
  • Have a track record and want to launch your own regulated investment platform;
  • Are looking for a Principle with a wide range of FCA permissions to conduct your business.
  • Want to trade in the EU and require ‘Passporting’ into EU countries.

Our Objectives in Helping You…

  • Help you grow and develop value creation for your firm with like-minded partners and clients;
  • Develop a sound corporate governance framework, fulfilling all regulatory requirements;
  • Develop a 'Plug & Play' solution, reducing your costs and time spent on non-core activities.
  • Provide you with tools and resources required to develop your business.
  • Help you grow as a financial services firm.

What We Will Do for You…

  • Support your firm in the strategic direction you choose;
  • Ensure you are compliant at all times and apply industry best practice;
  • Keep you informed of new regulations and industry best practice;
  • Offer you access to market through introductions to partners and service providers;
  • Advise you in your marketing promotions and digital marketing efforts to grow your firm and brand;
  • Help you protect and grow your firm;

Appointed Representative vs Direct Authorisation?

  • No FCA returns;
  • No FCA Fees;
  • No Capital Adequacy Requirements;
  • Access to XCAP’s compliance resources;
  • Ongoing Compliance Training;
  • No Audit requirements;
  • No SMF 16 or SMF 17 Requirements
  • No need to update Senior Managers Certification Regime (SMCR) periodically (VPC will do this for you)
  • We are your back office and compliance team;
  • XCAP educates and guides you on industry best practice;
  • Get FCA Appointed Representative status in a matter of weeks verses lengthy direct FCA application