FCA FinTech Appointed Representative Solutions

As a global consulting firm, we work with with start ups and established FinTech (Financial Technology) companies globally in offering a bespoke compliance and regulatory approach, ranging from FCA regulated platforms, client on-boarding solutions to marketing promotional advice - complete with EU passporting throughout 29 European countries.

Start Ups

As a start-up FinTech company, we understand that controlling costs is everything.  You have a great concept, platform and also funding in place.  Now all you need is an FCA regulated platform and a compliant structure, so you can launch your concept into the wider market.  

Whilst there are many ‘FinTech Sandbox’ initiatives available for to you test your product within a controlled environment, sometimes Sandbox initiatives will require you to have FCA registration and professional indemnity insurance – even if you are in soft-launch phase.  XCAP Global can support you with our consulting services by setting up the FinTech entity as Appointed Representatives of one of our partners who are directly approved FCA regulated entities, allowing you to benefit from FCA principles' permissions to get to market a lot quicker and at a fraction of the cost of being directly authorised.  All of this can be achieved within 4-6 weeks, subject to FCA’s turnaround times. 

What’s best is that when you are ready, we can offer our support in you becoming directly authorised when you feel the time is right.

US & non-EEA FinTech Companies

As a US or non-EEA based FinTech company, broadening your user-based is fundamental to growth and innovation.  Europe, being a world leader in investments is a huge market to tap into, if you have the appropriate regulatory permissions.  UK and European compliance and regulatory responsibilities are just as, if not more important that the growth of your business into Europe.  For example, who are you targeting your services to, have you mapped out a customer journey, KYC, AML, client categorisation, client suitability test etc – the list can be quite onerous if not managed properly.

At XCAP Global, we support you in your strategic direction in Europe which is designed to be cost-effective and scalable, allowing you to focus on your core business without compromise.   Whether you are looking to target new markets, jurisdictions or client types – we can assist you in both concept and realisation phase through our expert compliance knowledge and industry background throughout the UK and Europe to ensure you are able to created a regulated European framework and attract new European users/investors to your platform.     

For information about Appointed Representatives, please click here.

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