Silent Reviews for your Managed Compliance and Regulatory Hosting services

We understand that it can be difficult breaking away from established relationships with service providers such as FCA principle firms or your legal/compliance service provider.  At XCAP Global we offer ‘Silent Reviews’ – which are precisely that.  A Silent Review is conducted in the background in the strictest of confidences under a non-disclosure agreement, where we review you existing services, current fee structure and where/how you have benefited from the services provided.   

Whether you are a directly approved financial services firm, outsourcing your AIFM requirements for your fund; our Silent Review service is a complimentary service and does not disturbing your existing relationship with your service providers.   The review is designed to give you an independent insight into the overall effectiveness of your service providers and the value added to your business, compared to other service providers in the marketplace.   Best of all, our Silent Reviews are a complimentary service provided by XCAP Global.  

Why a Silent Review?

What we often ask our clients and partners is quite simply; 

  • How do you know how good your AIFM and regulatory hosting providers actually are?  What do you benchmark mark them against to make comparisons?
  • At a time of uncertainty (COVID-19) and increased cost pressures, are you paying market rates?
  • Are your service providers supporting you in the direction of your business and importantly?
  • Are you able to recognise and create value with your current AIFM / regulatory hosting provider? 

Our ‘Silent Audit’ can give you exactly the reassurance you would like; from senior management at XCAP Global without disrupting your existing arrangements.  All of our work is conducted in the background, without disturbing or contacting any third parties - so our discretion is guaranteed.  

We do not charge for our Silent Review and there are no hidden fees. Our aim to is impress you to a level where you may consider working with XCAP Global and our partner firms such as Vantage Point Capital in the future.

For more information please contact us in the strictest of confidence and we would be happy to discuss the process and its benefits in greater detail.

Interested?  Why not contact us in confidence to arrange a meeting to see how we can add value to your organisation.

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