Cryptocurrency funds are a rapidly growing investment sector with the launches of various Crypto Funds and Index-Linked Crypto Funds. Whilst Futures and Derivatives trading of cryptocurrency has allowed investors to participate in cryptocurrency trading with smaller initial capital, the demand for cryptocurrency funds continues to grow globally.  

XCAP Global and its partners offer a ‘Turn-Key’ solution to global Crypto fund managers seeking to launch a Cayman domiciled crypto fund.   

Cryptocurrency funds domiciled in Cayman Islands are a cost-effective structure through which cryptocurrency funds can be launched and then promoted to institutional and professional investors in Europe, South America, Middle East and Asia.  

We work with our clients in offering an FCA regulated framework with European passporting for trading of cryptocurrency.   We assist in ongoing compliance, governance and risk management processes, allowing you to focus on portfolio management.   

Blockchain Technology is the key driver and foundation on how cryptocurrency is operated as a peer-to-peer digital currency.  Blockchain is essentially a decentralised ledger of transactions across a network of computers, without the need of a clearing house/custodian.  This speeds up the settlement periods and naturally, reduces costs. 

Please click here to see how blockchain works; 

Integrated Services for Cryptocurrency Funds

Alongside our Cryptocurrency Fund Hosting platform, we also offer additional services that you may require for your cryptocurrency fund, such as:

  • Compliance Monitoring & Oversight;
  • FCA CF30 onboarding
  • Financial Promotions Review;
  • Execution Services;
  • Service Provider Introductions;
  • Office, Infrastructure and Software Support;
  • Custodian services

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