UCITS Fund Platforms & Sub-Fund Platform

XCAP Global and its partners offer a ‘Turnkey’ solution to global asset managers seeking to launch a UCITS fund in Ireland or Luxembourg.

UCITS platforms are a cost-effective structure through which regulated UCITS funds can be launched and then promoted to institutional, corporate and retail investors in Europe, US, South America, Middle East and Asian markets. 

Given the increased regulatory and reporting requirements under UCITS, we work with industry leading third party Management Companies (ManCo) which help you launch and manage a UCITS fund cost effectively.  

As an industry specialist, we assist in ongoing compliance, governance and risk management processes, allowing you to focus on portfolio management.  Complete with our turnkey arrangements, XCAP Global and our partners provide;

  • A competitive and scaling Total Expense Ratio (TER) based on your AUM;
  • Luxembourg or Ireland based UCITS fund
  • Fund prospectus;
  • PRIIPs & KIID production;
  • Cover the formation costs, depository, transfer of agencies and risk management;
  • We work with Tier 1 operators, platforms and auditors 
  • European passporting
  • We advise you on expenses which you charge back to the fund;


The UCITS fund platform is very popular with European, Asian and US fund managers seeking to raise capital from retail investors whilst managing their costs and resources. 


Integrated Services for UCITS Funds with a Turnkey Solution

XCAP and our partners also offer additional services that you may require for your UCITS fund, such as:

  • Compliance Monitoring & Oversight;
  • Financial Promotions Review;
  • Execution Services;
  • Service Provider Introductions;
  • Office, Infrastructure and Software Support.

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