FCA Regulatory Hosting

FCA Regulatory Hosting

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FCA Regulatory Hosting, or FCA Umbrella services allows portfolio managers, investment advisers and capital raisers to conduct regulated activities without the need to become directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and is often a quicker route to market.  

XCAP Global advises on UK regulatory hosting umbrella solutions which can provide you with the opportunity to conduct regulated activities as an Appointed Representative (AR).  By doing so, XCAP Global would assist you in developing a compliant framework which would allow you to use its regulatory permissions (subject to agreement of your business model and client types) of one of our partner FCA regulated entity firms.  This would enables you as an ‘AR’ to focus on your core business activities, whilst retaining independence in your corporate branding and ownership. 

If you are a Portfolio Manager and/or Adviser, you would sit within the FCA regulated firm.  XCAP Global would assist you in your firm being set up as an Appointed Representative of an FCA principle firm, from which you can 'arrange transactions' and offer ‘advice’ on investment products that the principal firm has permissions for. Only a Directly Authorised Firm has the Permission to act as an Investment Manager.  

We’re Here to Help if you…

  • Want to get to market quicker as a regulated financial services firm.
  • Want to focus on the growth of your business and build close relationships with your clients, whilst we look after the compliance.
  • You want to work with an FCA Principle more supportive towards your strategic direction.
  • Have a track record and want to launch your own regulated investment platform;
  • Are looking for a Principle with a wide range of FCA permissions to conduct your business.
  • Want to trade in the EU and require ‘Passporting’ into EU countries.

Our Objectives in Helping You…

  • Help you grow and develop your firm with like-minded partners, service providers and counterparties;
  • Give you peace of mind and remove any burden around compliance, software, financial promotions and ongoing regulatory requirements;
  • Reduce your regulatory and infrastructure costs so you can focus on your core business;
  • Provide you with tools and resources required to develop your business, ranging from Client Categorisation and Suitability Assessment to Onboarding of clients;
  • Enable you to work with your new and existing clients and partners with assurance and confidence;
  • Help you grow as a financial services firm.

What We Will Do for You…

  • Support your firm in the strategic direction you choose;
  • Ensure you are compliant at all times and apply industry best practice;
  • Keep you informed of new regulations and industry best practice;
  • Offer you access to market through introductions to partners and service providers;
  • Advise you in your marketing promotions and digital marketing efforts to grow your firm and brand;
  • Help you protect and grow your firm;

Appointed Representative vs Direct Authorisation?

  • No FCA returns;
  • No FCA Fees;
  • No Capital Adequacy Requirements;
  • Access to XCAP’s compliance resources;
  • Ongoing Compliance Training;
  • No Audit requirements;
  • No CF10 or CF11 Requirements
  • We are your back office and compliance team;
  • XCAP educates and guides you on industry best practice;

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